Candey's Appliance and Vacuum.

For over a century, Candey’s has been serving the people of Washington DC: supplying only the finest quality appliances and vacuums. Got a budget? No problem, we can help find the right product for you.
Although all of our loyal customers were sad to see us leave the DC area, we figured what better place than Old Town, Alexandria to settle in. It is our pleasure to introduce to the public: Candey’s of Alexandria Appliance & Vacuum with hopes of becoming number one in the hearts of our customers. Candey’s specializes in everything from Miele vacuums to high-end appliances.

There’s a certain joy in cooking on a Wolf range, a rhythm that only Santa Barbara homeowners truly understand. However, if your range loses its beat, it’s reassuring to know that there’s a local ensemble ready to jump in. Partnering with Appliance Repair Santa Barbara, our trusted Santa Barbara technicians bring harmony back to kitchens in need. Their gentle and knowledgeable touch ensures that your Wolf range repairs to hitting those high culinary notes in no time. When the flame dims, let our partners be the spark you need.

Quality and service is our priority and we pass that on to you. Whether you have a home or apartment, we can find the right product for you to fit your budget. Whether you need appliances, air quality products or vacuums, Candey’s is the place to go. We may be new to the area but were not new to providing our customers with unsurpassed quality and service.

In the symphonic world of kitchen appliances, Viking sets a powerful tone. Their elegance and durability are something to behold. Yet, every once in a while, they might miss a note. Don’t fret; our partners, proudly associated with, are the maestros of Viking appliance repair in Santa Barbara. They tune in to every detail, ensuring your appliance returns to its former glory, producing the harmonious melodies you’ve grown to love. With them by your side, rest assured that every culinary concert will be pitch-perfect.

So please come down, and experience our unique showroom while you enjoy a nice cup of coffee from our Miele Whole Bean Espresso Coffee System. We stand by our products, and we invite you come in and see them for yourselves. Currently, we are offering specials on Miele vacuums; stop by and see how much you can save. Our variety and quality of products are second to none. All products are available for purchase online or by phone. Or you can always stop by, and experience old-fashioned service in a contemporary environment. Our partners provide Maytag repair in Los Angeles.

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History of Candey’s Hardware

Candeys appliance and vaccuumIn 1891, just over a century after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, a man name Josiah Candey opened the doors to Candey’s Hardware on 1118 M St. NW located in the nation’s capital. “It was a grand location, blocks from the White House (years later, a White House employee would run over to buy a bolt to secure a piano bench) and near the mansions of Massachusetts Avenue owned by the Vanderbilts, the Mellons and the like. But there still were rural elements: A dairy farm was across the street from the store for many years.” Josiah would sell whatever was in demand at the time, which consisted of nails, turpentine, and soap powder. In 1929 the hardware store was moved down the street to its final location at 1210 18th St. NW. As the years passed more and more buildings popped faster than you can imagine, so of course our products changed with the changing times. For decades, our business thrived as a fully functional hardware store; Candey’s Hardware was a historic landmark. The only way to deal with the constantly changing world is to change with it, and that’s exactly what we did. In 1986, we incorporated Miele vacuums and appliances, and have been selling them since. And later, with the decision to close Candey’s Hardware historic doors in 2007: comes the introduction of Candey’s of Alexandria Appliance & Vacuum. And with our legacy that is Candey’s, we bring the same family oriented store, only a new location.